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Welcome to SigEp – University of Houston

Texas Delta Chapter


Sigma Phi Epsilon, also referred to as SigEp, is the nation’s largest social fraternity, founded on November 1, 1901 in Richmond College, Virginia.

We believe in building balanced men through the pursuit of achieving a Sound Mind & Sound Body, and by living out our three cardinal principles of Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love.

Being a brother of Sigma Phi Epsilon offers many opportunities for the best men on campus including: community service, philanthropy events, leadership development, active sports involvement, an unparalleled social experience, and brotherhood that lasts a lifetime.

Being a SigEp at the University of Houston means that during your time spent at college, you will learn about more than just what you see in the classroom. SigEp will teach you about how you can impact the community and the university and will give you an opportunity to learn about yourself as a person and grow into a true Balanced Man.

Our three cardinal principles of Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love help SigEps build true brotherly bonds that will last a lifetime.


Why Sigep?
We know that Rush can be a confusing time. Should I join a Fraternity? There’s so many, how do I decide? Will I fit in? Are they going to haze me?

Hopefully, this site will help answer some of your questions, and dispel some of your worries. We at Sigma Phi Epsilon believe a Fraternity should be something that builds someone up to their potential, not tear them down. The brotherhood that exists at Sigma Phi Epsilon welcomes people of all backgrounds, and it is the thing that makes us so strong. We don’t believe in hazing or pledging – these only hurt people and perpetuate the negative stereotype of fraternities.

You will find that there is something for everyone at SigEps.

If you’re an athlete, we participate in nearly every intramural sport. We also compete against the other fraternities for the greek championship in various sports such as softball, football, soccer, basketball and many others.

If you’re a scholar, we have a great Sound Mind program that helps you achieve your academic goals. We consistently have one of the best GPA’s on campus for fraternities and SigEp nationally has the highest overall GPA of any other national fraternity in the country.

If you’re looking for leadership opportunities, you’ve found the right place. The Executive Board, Standards Board and the numerous committee positions provide a chance for everyone to gain valuable skills that develop brothers as leaders. There is also a National Leadership Continuum that is unique to SigEp. Many brothers also lead outside student organizations, like the student body network, Student Government, Engineering programs and others.

SigEps like to have a good time now and then as well. Our social calendar is always packed with different activities ranging from Brotherhood retreats to mixers with sororities.