All parents want their son to have a great experience at college.  Whether your son attends school across town or across the country, you can feel safe knowing that SigEp is his home away from home.

SigEp is proud to stand up against fraternity stereotypes and offer an experience that allows members to develop life skills that are not usually offered within the classroom.

Learn about SigEp:

Read our Parents Guide.

SigEp has multiple opportunities for brothers to learn leadership and life skills throughout the year. Learn more about our Leadership Events.

SigEp has a zero-tolerance policy on hazing. Read it here.

Alcohol and drug abuse is a problem on some campuses. Read about SigEp’s stance on alcohol and drug abuse.

SigEp’s Balanced Man Program is a no-pledging continuous development program. Learn more about the Balanced Man Program.

“This Fraternity will be different; it will be based on the love of God and the principle of peace through brotherhood,” our founders said. The charter of Sigma Phi Epsilon states that “its purpose shall be to intensify and perpetuate friendship and promote happiness among its members,
to encourage literature and education, and to create such sentiments, mold such opinions, and perform such deeds as shall conduce to the building of a noble and pure manhood.”

Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love are the cardinal principles of Sigma Phi Epsilon and
represent the Fraternity’s core values. Pursuit of the Balanced Man Ideal of Sound Mind and Sound Body is the Fraternity’s practice.

Sigma Phi Epsilon is uniquely positioned among American college fraternities to build the lives of not only its proud brothers, but also the communities in which they live and work. By helping to build balanced leaders of character and clear values, SigEp will positively impact our world.

Today, colleges and universities are incorporating the 2,500-year-old philosophy of Sound Mind and Sound Body into the way they teach,the way they work with their students, and the way they look at their campus environments. SigEp is geared to align with and support this mission through partnering initiatives such as the Balanced Man Program and the Sigma Phi Epsilon Residential Learning Communities.

Sigma Phi Epsilon’s cardinal principles of Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love have withstood the test of time for over a century on the American college campus. More than 15,000 undergraduate SigEps on campus today believe in these values as a means to become balanced men, setting themselves apart as leaders.